About School

Students’ Model parliament also is planned out in the school with office bearers and class ministers. This gives them a chance to have senses of responsibility, belongingness, mutual growth, co-operation and discipline.

Our school got affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education Delhi since 2001 and thus the school follows the syllabus prescribed by the C.B.S.E.
Co- curricular activities of a varied nature are provided to promoted wholesome development of mind body and soul to all. Community services and socially useful and productive works also find place in the school curriculum.
Education in Computer Science, informatics practices, commerce and Humanities stream find an important place in the school curriculum.

For the purpose of promoting Co-operation and team spirit in sports and allied activities, the school is divided into different Houses. Each houses has a captain and a vice captain, and members of the Staff are put in charge of the house. The teacher In –charge ensure that the students in his/her house participate in and do well in all activities of the school in a disciplined, systematic manner. Leadership qualities, Self responsibility, sense of co-operation and discipline are encouraged.

CBSE has brought out a uniform system of assessment, examination pattern and report cards for classes I to V for students and other stakeholders. There will be three periodical tests as per mid term, mid term and post mid term test. Class I to V the Whole syllabus will be divided in two as term I and Term II. Both will be of 100 marks in which 20 marks are divided as 10 marks for the periodic tests 5 marks for note book submission and 5 marks for the subject enrichment. In the annual examination of Class I to V will consist of 10% of Term I covering, significant topics and syllabus of Term II.
No re-test/re-exam shall be arranged prior to or behind schedule announced, on any grounds, Application for unavoidable circumstances for the above, totally under the discretion of the Principal. If any Students has not given any exams deliberately she/he has to clear it before the next exams. They will have to deposit a fine of Rs. 100/- per subject even if permission is taken before hand.
At least 75% attendance is mandatory for the final exam and promotion for the next higher class.
Timely reminders, warning, counseling or conference with the parents and students shall be arranged for the improvement of the slow-learners and problematic-students. In final exams, if any students fail in once subject can give the supplementary. But if any one fails in more than one subject they have to repeat the year. They will be considered as failed ones. Supplimentary Exam is allowed only in class IX and XI. Failures in any subject or absence from regular examinations exclude a pupil from being reckoned in order of merit list/promotion. Malpractice in the examinations will be penalized by detention in the same class or rustication.
Parents are welcome to meet, the teachers concerned, on all working Saturday after 12:30 PM. On other days they are welcome, with prior appointment after the class hours.
Admit card is essential for all the Board Examinations. Admit card will be issued only after getting NOC from the concerned In-charge of Library, sports & games, laboratory and of the accounts. Failures in any subject or absence from regular examinations exclude a pupil from being reckoned in order of merit list/promotion.

No student shall be eligible to take examination and will not be allowed to appear at the examination, unless he/she has ensured minimum 75 % of attendance counted since the opening of the classes. Any pupil falling short of the required percentage will not be granted promotion to the next class. Medical Certificates are no guarantee for consideration to promotions. Academic and co-curricular activities get equal importance therefore regular attendance of your child is essential. Students absenting themselves from any subject or part there-of or from an entire test shall not be given any division. One should attend and pass all the tests including project works and assignments.

(E) School Expects
At the end of the week revise all that you have learnt during the week. Make a daily ‘Home Time Table’ For yourself. In this way you will learn to be a student of regular habits; one the most valuable assets in the future. Realize the value of time. Do not wait till the approach of examination. The key to success is the regular and sincere work. Do not waste your God given talents.